Book Your Wedding Ceremony in the Countryside
June 16, 2022

Book Your Wedding Ceremony in the Countryside

Black Pepper Resort
June 16, 2022

Black Pepper Resort makes its property available for a variety of private events, including weddings. Nested in the countryside just 15km outside the bourgeoning city of Siem Reap (one left turn from RD6), we’re an easy option if you’re looking to host your Special Day away from town, but not too far. Full of flowers, water canals, trees, native plants and a lot of green space to mingle, we’re a unique choice if you’re looking to create some memorable magic.

What do I get when booking my wedding Ceremony at Black Pepper?

Every wedding is different, but below is a list of things that Black Pepper can help with or provide. We do not necessarily need to do/provide everything; this is just to help you understand what we’re able to offer:

Pre-Wedding Photos

When you book your wedding ceremony at Black Pepper we include a day where you can visit the property for pre-wedding photos. With the water canals, coconut trees, flowers, and lush greenery throughout the property there is no shortage of beautiful places where you can take memorable photos. We an also setup a pavilion with privacy, so you can have space to change outfits.

You can also do pre-wedding photos at Black Pepper if you’re having your wedding somewhere else—for $20.

The venue

When you book your wedding at Black Pepper, you can utilize the entirety of our four hectare property. The area where we hold ceremonies, however, is large enough to accommodate 160 seated guests for Western weddings. The area we have for receptions can accommodate up to 500 guests, which can be either Western or Khmer. Guests will also have access to all facilities on the property. Our facilities can be found here.

Tent, table, and chair rentals

We can coordinate all the necessary tent, table, and chair rentals for your wedding. This is determined by the number of guests you plan on having in attendance.

Western style bathrooms with showers

We have Western style bathrooms on site with showers, which is enough to accommodate events that have 120 guests. Depending on how many guests you plan on having at your wedding, we can also coordinate the rental additional porta potties.

Café & Bar Area

Black Pepper has a staffed bar where we can serve drinks. We are able to craft cocktails/mocktails specifically for your occasion, and we have a variety of specialty cocktails already on our menu ready to serve. We also always have an assortment of bottled/canned beer available, as well as wine. You can see our menu here.

Power generator

If you need amplification for your wedding ceremony, we recommend running power through a generator. This helps to ensure there are no problems in the event of a power outage. As infrequent as they’ve become, power cuts do still happen from time-to-time, and it’s not something you want to deal with in the middle of your ceremony.

Staffing & security

We provide staffing for weddings held at Black Pepper, and we coordinate security with the local police. While we need to have at least one security person for every 100 guests, you are welcome to have a catering company provide their own staff if they’re serving food. Our staff will serve any drinks from our bar.

Set-up & clean-up

Unless there are special considerations or decor, Black Pepper will handle the set-up and clean-up of your wedding. We will do as much set-up as possible the day before the event, and we’ll finish clean-up the day after. This means we generally need to account for at least three days when booking weddings.

Flowers & Decor*

The look and feel of your wedding ceremony is a reflection of your Special Day, and it’s important we get it right! While you may already be working with a designer, we’re able to help with both the creation and coordination of decor. Whatever yourneeds, we’re able to work with budget sizes—big & small.

With enough notice, we can also plant specific flowers that tie into the aesthetic of your wedding. 

Stereo system & mic*

While you are welcome to coordinate your own stereo system for your wedding, this is also something we can help with. We also already have stereo in our bar/café, which may be enough for any reception or socializing before or after a wedding ceremony.

Photography & videography*

We can help if you need a photographer or videographer for your occasion; there are many talented people in the area. You are, of coure, welcome to use your own.


Since we’re located about 20 minutes outside of Siem Reap city, we can help coordiate transportation for you and your guests. Depending on the size of your wedding ceremony, we can schedule a range of vehicles, ranging from tuk tuks to buses. We know many reliable drivers and transport service providers.

Wedding planning*

While you can use your own wedding planner, Black Pepper is able to help with hands on wedding logistics if needed. Our team has a wealth of experience planning and implementing large scale events, so you can rest assured no detail will be missing in brining your Special Day to life.

*These are items that Black Pepper does not need to be involved with. The other items are what Black Pepper provides, and will inform the cost of the wedding ceremony based on the number of guests you plan on having.

Why should I choose Black Pepper Resort for my wedding ceremony?

You might consider choosing Black Pepper for your wedding ceremony because:

It's surrounded by Cambodian Countryside

Black Pepper’s four hectare property is surrounded by magical rice fields that are sprinkled with sugar palm trees. There’s something about the way the dust mingles with the Sun that creates the most hypnotic colors of burnt oranges and purples during sunsets and sunrises. The contrast of the bright greens themselves when the rice is growing offers a sort of picture that you really need to see for yourself to believe.

It's close to Siem Reap

Black Pepper is located ~15km from the city of Siem Reap, making it a fairly easy trip for anyone to make. You can take RD6 and make one left turn to find your way here. Or, if you want a more scenic route, you can navigate the countryide and avoid most of the traffic. The latter is definitely recommended if you’re into cycling.

It sets out to exceed expectations

From the outset, Black Pepper is very meticulous in understanding your needs in terms of bringing the vision of your Special Day to life. We are diligent in defining every detail necessary to ensure you receive the experience you want, and we are committed to exceeding theses expectations in every way. Your wholehearted fulfillment is our #1 priority.

Its attention to detail is unmatched

There can be so many intricacies and nuances when it comes to planning and producing a wedding. You can rest easy that Black Pepper sees them all.

Its team has more than two decades of event production experience

Our team a Black Pepper has a cumulative total of more than two decades of event production experience. In addition to weddings, we’ve been involved with some of the largest music and arts productions in North America, and we pride ourselves on being punctual, clear communicators, and able to coordinate the multitude of moving parts necessary to bring any large production to life—including your wedding.

It understands every wedding is unique

While there are many similarities in the sequence of events that takes place during any given wedding, Black Pepper understands that each wedding is unique. We will go out of our way to ensure your Special Day speaks to the fullest vision of your Union set forth from the outset of our planning. It is an honor and a privilege to hold sacred space for people in this way.

It's non-denominational, and open to all ceremonies anchored in the celebration of Love

While Black Pepper is non-denominational and holds no business affiliation to any form of Faith, we are open to holding space for all peoples and creeds in recognition of any spiritual Union. So long as Love is the anchor and the people are kind, we see it as our duty to help facilitate the process and hold the space for any wedding.

How can I make a reservation for my wedding ceremony?

The best way to begin the reservation process for booking your wedding ceremony at Black Pepper is to use the booking form here. Please keep in mind, reservations need to be finalized at least 30 days in advance with a 50% non-refundable deposit. The total cost of a reservation is based on the details of your wedding, such as number of guests, rentals, desired services, etc. Black Pepper’s base rate to rent the property for a wedding is $200, which reserves the property for three days.

 Thank you for checking out our blog post about booking weddings at Black Pepper! We hope to see you in the Cambodian countryside soon…

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