Below you’ll find directions on how to get to Black Pepper. There’s also a button linked to a Google Maps pin to help navigate your journey out to the property.

From Siem Reap, take RD6 heading towards Thailand for ~15km.

Continue on RD6, past the airport roundabout.

When you see a big white sign with blue letters for SAART SCHOOL on the right, turn left onto a dirt road. There is a sign at the start of the dirt road that says Black Pepper Way.

Continue driving for about five minutes into the countryside.

When you see a bamboo fence with orange posts on the left, that’s Black Pepper.

Please call when you arrive 071 14 67 7739. You can also call if you have trouble finding where we are.

Note: if you get to Puok, you went too far. In which case, turn around and turn right onto Black Pepper Way in ~1km.

Need a pin to route your way?

Day Passes: $2.5/person
Kids & dogs visit free

Base camping fee: $10/night
Coffee & fruit in morning

Base property rental: $75/day
Weddings, birthdays and more