Black Pepper Resort, March Recap

March 29, 2021 | Black Pepper Resort

Black Pepper Resort does updates on YouTube. This March recap is a collection of those video updates and blurbs, of what has been worked on this past month at Black Pepper, as well as various projects we are planning or have in the works. Enjoy, and please subscribe if you’d like to be kept in the loop of what’s to come! Thank you 🙏

We have larger projects we’ll be focusing on, so we won’t be doing video updates as regularly during April/May. We’ll likely share one video towards the end of April, and then another in May – depending on how things come together. We’ll also be sharing photo updates on Facebook and Instagram, and recap in our blog!

Black Pepper Update 9: Temporarily Closing (to monitor Covid), Bonfire Prep, New Café Roof & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we kick things off sitting in our photo booth canoe, touching on the surge in Covid-19 reported cases that are rapidly on the rise. Because of this, we have decided to temporarily close for the next week or two in the interest of everyone’s safety, while we monitor how things unfold throughout the country. In the meantime, however, we still plan to continue to work on various projects. We show how the photo booth canoe is coming along, and then we take a walk over to show where we’re setting things up for our next bonfire. We then wrap things up by the café, showing the new roof Den and his family are installing, along with a bamboo shade structure.

Black Pepper wishes everyone to stay healthy, wash your hands, and be sure to wear a mask in public spaces…and be easy.

What a time to be alive…

Black Pepper Update 10: Countryside Sunrise, Bamboo Enclosures, Red Roof on Our Café & More

We begin this Black Pepper Resort update early in the morning for sunrise. Video from a camera phone doesn’t do it much justice, but you can get a sense of the calmness from the sounds of birds, insects, and such. There’s new growth on the tree that we cleaned, pruned, and treated with diatomaceous earth, and we show off one of the new bamboo enclosures that was made for our trash and recycle cans. The café looks like a construction zone, but you can see the progress that’s been made in on our roof. We’ll be adding the red tiles over the next few days, and we’re hoping to have everything finished and cleaned up by next week!

Black Pepper Update 11: Café Roof Almost Complete, Water Hyacinths, Coconut Trees Grow Fast & More

We begin this Black Pepper Resort update a little differently, and hopefully with a little more production value! Rather than running around with a self-stick showing of miscellaneous projects that are being worked on, Brent uses a stand to stabilize the camera. There’s a brief intro of what will be talked about, and then we cut directly to each segment of the update.

For this particular update, we climb on top of the café roof to show off the progress that Raden and his family have made, and then we do a pan of the countryside horizon. Then we go over to one of our ponds that is filled with water hyacinths, which have become our primary means of algae control in all the ponds throughout the property. We discuss how the water hyacinths help with pond management, as well as make how they can be used as compost or cooking. Lastly, we check out a coconut tree that has now grown to be taller than Brent, and talk about how fast they’ve grown and how much they’ll continue to grow.

We end the update by letting everyone know we’re still closed due to the pandemic and wishing everyone well. Take care, stay safe, and be kind to each other. These are tough times for everyone – indeed.

Black Pepper Update 12: Passion Fruit Flowers, Bag Toss Boards, New Black Pepper Shirts & More

After Blacky interrupts in the intro, we start things off by showing the passion fruit vines that are growing over our Dream Bridge. Flowers are beginning to bloom, and the aromatic scent is exceptionally delicious in the morning! Then we show a couple of the bag toss boards that Raden and his family have helped to make, and then wrap things up with Raden wearing one of our new shirts!

If you’re looking for reliable help with any handy work or renovation projects, you can find Raden here:

His phone number is: 092874785

And if you’re looking for a great place to get shirts printed, we got our done by a local NGO called, Silk Screen Printing Lab:

Thank you for checking out our March recap! For more updates, or to see what we’re working on in person…