Origins of a Name

October 1, 2019 | Black Pepper Resort

Where did the name Black Pepper Resort come from?

The name Black Pepper came about during a flight Daryna and Brent were on to Cambodia. They were brainstorming different ideas to call the resort her father, Sarith Ou, and family had begun. There was a list of 50 or so name written down when Daryna said, “Black Pepper.” Not only is Black Pepper Sarith’s favorite seasoning and grown natively in Cambodia, it’s widely known throughout the world. We thought “Black Pepper” would be simple enough for everyone to remember.

What is the history of black pepper in Cambodia?

Cambodia has been called the kingdom of black pepper production, with the majority of its production occurring in Tbong Khmum province. Kompot, located near the southern coast of Cambodia, is also widely regarded in the world of culinary arts as the premier destination for anyone in search of fine black pepper spice. Black pepper from the Kompot region was the first Cambodia product to receive a Protected Geographical Indication, the same certification that protects products geographically specific like champagne.

Is there black pepper at Black Pepper Resort?

Depending on when you visit, you can sometimes find black pepper at Black Pepper. There is wooden post centerpiece about 5 meters tall set in between two pavilions that are surrounded by coconut trees. Black pepper vines grow up this wooden post, which have become home to some of our lizard friends that live on the property. Don’t be surprised if you taste a little black pepper in the meals we prepare for our guests. Everything is better with a little Black Pepper!