Employment Pathways

October 1, 2019 | Black Pepper Resort

How does Black Pepper provide employment pathways?

Black Pepper provides employment pathways by partnering with the Cambodian School Project, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization started by Sarith Ou that provides education and support to poor and rural Cambodian youth. In particular, Cambodians that go through the Cambodian School Project’s technical school, JHP Skola, are placed in jobs around Siem Reap. Black Pepper will serve as an employment opportunity that provides fair wages and continued language, skill, and environmental education.

How does Black Pepper enhance the quality of lives?

Black Pepper enhances the quality of living of the Cambodians it employs by providing them with a safe and fun place to work with fair wages. It’s important that the people that work with us have a balanced life, and that they feel as though this is a company that they see themselves growing with long into the future. Black Pepper is also committed to the paradigm shift necessary to help Cambodians understand the value and importance of environmental stewardship. We minimize waste.

How does Black Pepper partner with other locals in the area?

There are numerous facets of Black Pepper’s operations that rely on the support of our neighbors. For example, the ox cart rides are made possible by the rice farmers in the surrounding area. The tuk tuks and taxi drivers are our friends that help transport our guests to-and-from the property, as well as take them tours of some of the local places natives appreciate most. We also have a list of preferred businesses that we love to recommend, whether a good meal or memorable entertainment.