Black Pepper Resort, January Recap

January 26, 2021 | Black Pepper Resort

Black Pepper Resort does updates on YouTube. This January recap is a collection of those video updates and blurbs, of what has been worked on this past month at Black Pepper, as well as various projects we are planning or have in the works. Enjoy, and please subscribe if you’d like to be kept in the loop of what’s to come! We’d love to hear your questions and comments, so please leave them on YouTube. Thank you 🙏

Update 1: Lots of Flowers, Pond Maintenance, Painting a Canoe & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we announce that we’re going to do our best to provide weekly updates, sharing the progress of what’s going on at Black Pepper. We walk around part of the property; look at some flowers; talk about how we’re using floating vegetation as a natural form of pond maintenance; show off an old Khmer canoe that will be turned into a flower bed art project for photos, and more. We end the update with a view of a cloudy sunset across the horizon of Cambodian rice fields. Never gets old.

Update 2: Meet the Dogs, Driveway Repairs, New Altar Plants & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we begin by introducing our dogs: Blacky & Skinny. We then show some of the repairs that were recently made to our driveway, because of the tremendous amount of rain we got this past rainy season, which had washed out some of the embankment. We then show some of the new plants that we got – and repotted – for our altar, and pointed where we are going to install a new bamboo ceiling for our front gate next week. The biggest thing we’ll be working on over the next few days is painting the lower part of the fence that runs along the front of the Black Pepper property.

Update 3: Front Gate Bamboo Ceiling, Café Water Tank, Rocking Garden Beds & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we take a quick stroll through the some of the different projects Raden – Siem Reap Construction & Renovation is helping with. We are in the process of filling the driveway gardens with rocks; installed a water tank specifically for our café; finished the the side wall of our café; installing lights and a fan in the smoking pavilion; installed new tile around our altar; finishing with the bamboo ceiling of our gate; and wrapping up with painting the lower part of our bamboo fence. Lots of other projects in the works, but we’ll save those for the next Black Pepper update…

“Den, the Man with the Plan in His Hand” makes a brief appearance (with a couple of his brothers), while Spider Man – Den’s son – accompanies us as we walk around to check out what’s happening on the property!

If you’re looking for any plumbing, electrical, masonry, carpentry, or anything related with construction, you can get in touch with Den through Facebook:

Black Pepper Update 4: Canoes at the Dock, Painting Our Fence, Organic Pepper Farming & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we start by showing off the progress that’s been made on painting the front fence. Between priming and painting, a few hundred hours has been invested into making this happen, so it feels good to show it off a bit, even though it’s still not done! In addition, we’ve now got power ran to our smoking patio, so there are lights to turn on during the night, a fan to help to keep it cool in the day, and some outlets to keep devices charged. While we don’t go around the entire property, we show off some new flowers that we’ve planted, and then make our way to the organic pepper farm that’s beginning to yield. We wrap things up by showing off the dock and canoes for the first time!

Thank you for checking out our January recap! For more updates, or to see what we’re working on in person…