Black Pepper Resort, February Recap

February 25, 2021 | Black Pepper Resort

Black Pepper Resort does weekly updates on YouTube. This February recap is a collection of those video updates and blurbs, of what has been worked on this past month at Black Pepper, as well as various projects we are planning or have in the works. Enjoy, and please subscribe if you’d like to be kept in the loop of what’s to come! We’d love to hear your questions and comments, so please leave them on YouTube. Thank you 🙏

Black Pepper Update 5: Pruning Coconut Trees, Walk Paths, Prepping Photo Canoe & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we start off next to a pile of coconut branches that have been pruned, and then take a walk around the north side of the property. This side of the property is the side that’s been more developed, with walk paths that have corola stones; whereas the south side of the property (not shown in this update) has only dirt paths for hiking. On our walk, we stop to show how coconut branches are pruned and why certain parts are left to hold up coconut bunches that are growing in. We eventually make our way to the canoe that is now lifted off the ground with supports, and explain a little more about how we will be using this canoe as a fun photo opportunity for guests! We wrap up the update with the sun in our faces – looking over the canoe bay – and a brief explanation of when we’ll be opening later this week.

While the specific date hasn’t been set because we’re wrapping up with a bunch of projects, we’ll make the announcement on both Facebook and Instagram. See you soon!

Black Pepper Update 6: We’re Open, Cambodian Traditional Roof Trim, Countryside Sunset & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we announce that we’re open for the public to book visits: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, 1PM – sunset – rain or shine. Bookings can be done through our website, or by giving us a call, and they need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. We also show off the hand carved wood trim that’s been added to the gate of our entrance, which is traditional Cambodian in design. We looked all over Siem Reap, and since we weren’t able to find trim that was already made, we had a carpenter make them for us. We end the update with some closing words overlooking the countryside during sunset. The Cambodian countryside is a beautiful place to be – close with nature.

Black Pepper Update 7: Diatomaceous Earth, New Flower Friends, a Bumbling Bumble Bee & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we show off some of our new plants friends, including a big yellow flowery tree. While explaining how we’re going to be creating enclosures for our trash and recycle bins, a big bumble bee bumbles by Brent’s head. We then walk over to a large plant that we’ve been cleaning and pruning this past week, and talk about how we’re using diatomaceous earth to help naturally mitigate the insects. We were able to import this product through Amazon using Cambo Quick. While it took about a month to receive our order, Cambo Quick was very reliable and great with their communication throughout the whole ordering process. We’ll definitely use Cambo Quick again!

If you’re looking for a reliable way of importing products using Amazon, you can find Cambo Quick’s website here:

Black Pepper Update 8: Photo Booth Canoe Prep, Thai Chili Peppers, Handing Out Our Brochure & More

In this Black Pepper Resort update, we talk about a lot of prep work that’s been done for the canoe that’s being refurbished and turned into a photo booth for guests to sit in and take pictures. We still have a lot of work to do with the painting the overall design and planting flowers, but the prep is complete. We then walk around to where our small organic Thai chili farm is to show the water irrigations that’s been installed to make watering everything more efficient. The chili plants are getting quite large and filling out with chilis, and if people are interested in purchasing some, they may contact us. We end the update on the dock, showing the brochure that Brent and Daryna will be handing out to different travel agencies and hotels throughout the city of Siem Reap. Things may be slow right now, but we’re looking forward to sharing our countryside destination with more people!

Note: we show the English version of the brochure, but there will be a Khmer translation as well.

Thank you for checking out our February recap! For more updates, or to see what we’re working on in person…